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Norcross Youth Baseball and Softball Association

Recreation Program Overview

Norcross Youth Softball Goals

The Norcross youth baseball and softball programs have been providing quality programs for children ages 5 to 18 for over 30 years. We are a volunteer organization serving over 880 families in the greater Norcross area. Our goal oriented programs are designed to meet the following needs:

  • Foster a sense of fellowship between families from our community
  • Provide a pleasant environment for our children to learn the life lessons associated with sports and sportsmanship
  • Provide competitive athletic programs to develop the skills associated with softball

These goals are accomplished thanks to the help and support of dozens of unpaid volunteers.

Recreation League Age Groupings

The Recreation League is broken into leagues that are primarily divided up by age.   Player experience and skill are also used to determine the appropriate league for each child.


General Information and Guidlines

  • Kids will not sit out more than 1 inning per game
  • We strive for team sizes of 10-11 players
  • We allow children to "play up or down" based upon their evaluations
  • Tournaments include all teams regardless of wins and loses
  • Tournament seeding is done through a random drawing
  • Managers are encouraged to rotate the positions that children play to learn new skills
  • A draft process is used each season in an attempt to create even teams
  • We play 11-14 games per season
  • Registration for our programs can be accomplished either in person or online

When we meet:


  • Practice twice a week for 60-90 minutes
  • Practice start times during the week are typically 6pm or 7:30pm
  • Practice start times on the weekend range from 8am to 6pm


  • Games are typically played twice a week lasting 75-90 minutes
  • Game start times during the week are 6pm or 7:30pm (T-Ball 6pm only)
  • Game start times on the weekend range from 8am to 6pm
  • Games have a time restriction and will last either 5 innings or 75-90 minutes (league dependent)

We ask that parents make the best effort possible to meet the minimum time commitment outlined above.  By playing with fewer kids on a team we ensure your child has more playing time, BUT missing even one child puts their team at a disadvantage. 

When we play:

Spring Program

  • Registration period begins in January
  • Evaluations are held in early February
  • Practices begin in the middle of February
  • The season begins in the middle of March
  • No games or practices are held during Spring Break (Gwinnett County)
  • The season concludes by the end of May

Fall Program

  • Registration period usually begins in July
  • Practices start in the middle of August
  • The season begins the first week after Labor Day
  • The season concludes by the end of October