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Norcross Youth Baseball and Softball Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register online?

Yes, we STRONGLY recommend that you register online instead of in-person. We have a new and improved on-line registration system that makes the registration process quicker for returning players (even if you did not register online in the past). For those who don’t want to pay using Visa or MasterCard, we also allow payment by personal check when registering online. (See “What forms of payment do you accept” below).

When can I register?

Registration for the spring recreational Baseball/Softball season begins in December and concludes the last part of January.  Registration for the fall recreational Baseball/Softball season begins in July.  Online registration will be available 24/7 during that time. When the registration time frame approaches, this website will be updated with the specific registration start and end dates.

What if we cannot make it to registration?

We recommend that you register online so you do not have to worry about scheduling time to come to registration. If you cannot register online, and cannot make the scheduled in-person times, we suggest that you get a relative or neighbor to register your child, either in-person or preferably online.

Is there a late registration?

Yes, you will still be able to register online for a short period of time after the normal registration concludes.  However, you will be charged a late fee of $25 so please make every effort to register on time. In addition, your registration will be subject to availability in the respective league for which you are registering your child. If the league is full you will either be put on a waiting list or you will be notified at the time you attempt to register that your league is closed. If you are put on a waiting list, and your child does not make a team, your registration fee will be refunded in full.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For online registration we accept Visa and MasterCard as well as Personal Checks and Money Orders. We DO NOT accept American Express, Discover, or Debit Cards. For in-person registration we will accept personal checks, cash, or money orders.

How can I pay by personal check if I register online?

You will be able to register online and mail your check for payment. The mailing address is: NYBSA, P.O. Box 723, Norcross, GA 30091.

How much does it cost to register my child and what does that cover?

The registration fee is $210 for Recreation Baseball or Softball for any age group. If you are not a resident of Gwinnett County there is an additional out-of-county fee of $90 that we collect and pay to the county. The registration fee covers your child’s uniform (cap, shirt, pants, and socks), and other expenses incurred in running the league and facilities (balls, catcher’s equipment, field maintenance, insurance, certified umpires, trophies, etc.).  Now included in the registration fee is the cost of the value cards for fundraising.  Each player will receive 5 cards that can continue to be resold by you for $10.00/card.  The sale of these cards will serve as reimbursement of the value card fee and aleviate much of the burden and effort by our volunteer coaches and others during the season.  The league will no longer supply batting helmets to players. All NYBSA board members are volunteers and do not receive any compensation for their work.

What equipment does my child need to play?

Your child will need to have his or her own glove and cleats (rubber cleats only). It is also recommended that they have their own bat as the league does not provide them.

Your child will also need to provide their own batting helmets (with mask and chin strap). The league no longer supplies helmets and many children that have their own helmets do not want to share them.

In baseball leagues above Tee Ball, it is recommended that the boys also wear a cup which is not provided by the league. Cups are required for any boy that is playing catcher.

What happens after I register my child?

Your child needs to attend an evaluation. Dates and times are posted on the website. Those families with valid email addresses will get automatic notice for their scheduled date and time.

Is there a discount for enrolling more than one child?


Why are there evaluations?

It is the goal of NYBSA to form competitively balanced teams. Having evaluations enables the league to assess players’ abilities in a structured environment. The evaluations are compiled and used during the drafting of teams.

Who has to go to evaluations?

A player must attend evaluations if they fall into any of the following categories:

·         did not play at NYBSA during the last completed season  

·         moving up to a new age group

·         wants to either play in a league above or below their age group

·         has a father or mother that will be coaching his/her team

NOTE: Some age groups may require all players to attend evaluations. Specific information regarding these exceptions will be provided in advance of the evaluation dates.

How are players that are not required to go to evaluations evaluated for the draft?

We use the end-of-season evaluations they received from their manger from the previous season. Although we feel the evaluations received during the evaluation session to be more accurate, we understand the limitations we have in trying to evaluate everyone in a two day timeframe. During the draft, the managers know which ratings came from the evaluation process vs. those that were based on a single manger’s evaluation.

What if my child cannot make his/her evaluation time?

The reason for assigning evaluation times is to reduce waiting times during evaluations. We have evaluations scheduled for two separate Saturdays and the times are assigned differently each of those days to help reduce conflicts. If you or your child has a conflict, please make every effort to come to an earlier time.

How are teams formed?

The commissioners for each league compile the evaluations for their players and, in collaboration with the player agent, determine a ranking order for all players. The managers in each league are given the rankings and select players during a draft. There are rules designed into the drafting process to help us attain our goal of forming competitively balanced teams.

How and when do I learn what team my child is on?

You will hear from your child’s manager/coach in the week prior to the first practice. Since the league drafts are held on different nights during the week, the time period for notification will vary. 

What size bat and glove does my child need?

NYBSA does not recommend bat or glove sizes as there are so many variables to consider when selecting the correct equipment. We do have a bat chart on the website that gives ranges based on child age and size.

When are practices and games played?

For spring, practices will begin in the middle of February and the season will begin the middle of March.  For fall, practices will begin in the middle of August and the season will begin after the Labor Day holiday.

Each team will be assigned one (1) practice weeknight and one (1) Saturday practice each week. Practices will last approximately 60-90 minutes in length depending on the league. In some cases there will be practice games in place of a practice session. Once the season begins, there will be one (1) weeknight game and one (1) Saturday game per week. Make-up games and some practices may be mixed in during the week. Weather may change practice and game times.

How can I volunteer?

The league is always looking for volunteers. We need managers, coaches, team parents and people that would be interested in helping run the league. You can indicate your interest on either the online or in-person registration form. If you want to manage or coach a team, you will also need to fill out an application form which is available on the website.