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Norcross Youth Baseball and Softball Association

2018 NYBSA Board of Directors

For the 2019 season, NYBSA will be governed by the Executive Board of Directors. The board, consisting of volunteers, meets regularly throughout the season. Meetings are open to league members. If you wish, you may make a request to address the board by providing three weeks written notice to the Player Agent   of the issue you wish to discuss.





Mark Scalese

mscalese[email protected]

Vice President

David Whitlaw

[email protected]


Joe Collins

[email protected]

Player Agent

Jason Pressman

[email protected]

League Secretary

Brian Comerford

[email protected]

Maintenance & Safety

Raymond Poole

[email protected]

Baseball Commissioner

Denton Herring

[email protected]

                  Baseball Travel CommissionerDavid McCollum[email protected]

Softball Commissioner

Frank Flood

[email protected]

Softball Director

Beth Goldstein

[email protected]   

Corporate Sponsorships

John Ferebee [email protected]

Community Relations

Jeff Zirger

[email protected]             

Uniforms Director

Steve Walsh

[email protected]

Equipment Director

Danny Lago

[email protected]